well? can he????


well? can he????


*drops something on purpose in front of somebody im trying to get nasty with*

me: oh….. let me get that right quick

*hits that nicki minaj anaconda single cover art pose*

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool


common phrases used by racists

  • "beyonce isn’t as amazing as people make her out to be"
  • "zayn malik is not that attractive"




remember when we were kids and we used to all sing that demented version of the barney song where it was like “i hate you you hate me let’s go out and kill barney”

i don’t remember ever doing this. you were a fucked up kid

i hate you

you hate me

let’s go out an kill barney

with a baseball bat

and a 4x4




depression is when you don’t really care about anything

anxiety is when you care too much about everything

and having both is just like what

Having both is staying in bed because you don’t want to go to school and then panicking because you don’t want to fail. Having both is wanting to go see your friends so you don’t lose them all, then staying home in bed because you don’t want to make the effort. Having both is insanely hard and sucks to deal with.


*blacklists a user*

*shows up on my recommendations*

*shows up on my recommended dash*

*shows up at my birthday party*

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Only bad thing is I’ll never find out why my mom hates me so much but whatever I hate me too so it can’t be that much different right

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That god I can get alcohol cuz if I wasn’t a little drunk rn I could go thru text drinkin drivin ftw

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